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De Foer Law - law firm

DE FOER LAW in Antwerp is a dynamic law firm, with expertise in several branches of law.


Its lawyers aim to give their clients personal and efficient advice to assist them in their legal actions, including transactions and mediation.


DE FOER LAW is hired by private personscompanies and service providing organisations.


Permanent training and refresher courses, required for an up-to-date knowledge about the law, are carefully monitored.


The lawyers share their professional knowledge with each other.


The office is located near Antwerp Expo (Bouwcentrum) on the Jan van Rijswijcklaan, at a short distance from the courthouse and on the crossroads of major motorways. Enough parking space is provided, and public transport (trams and buses) also stops at less than 100 meters from the office.


To give you the best possible service, legal aid and legal advice we also work together with other law firms both at home and abroad.


Please contact us for more information.


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Beschavingstraat 11

2020 Antwerpen



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Fax.: 03 232 12 47

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